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Prestige City Ghaziabad is located at Ghaziabad. Reputed educational institutions, premier malls, major tech parks, SEZs, leisure destinations, top hospitals and healthcare facilities are located nearby. In other words, you will find everything you need within easy reach. With every necessity accessible in the vicinity, you can skip the hassle of Ghaziabad’s traffic and live a life of serenity.

Ghaziabad – ‘Gateway of Uttar Pradesh’

Ghaziabad, pronounced in Hindustani, constitutes a metropolis within the confines of the Indian territory of Uttar Pradesh, forming an integral segment of Delhi’s National Capital Region. Functioning as the administrative epicenter of the Ghaziabad district, it stands as the preeminent urban enclave in the western expanse of Uttar Pradesh, harboring a populace numbering 1,729,000. The Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation delineates its territorial domain into 5 discernible zones – City Zone, Kavi Nagar Zone, Vijay Nagar Zone, Mohan Nagar Zone, and Vasundhara Zone. Organized across 100 wards, this municipal authority orchestrates civic affairs within its jurisdictional realm. Embraced by an intricate web of transportation arteries comprising both roadways and railways, Ghaziabad assumes the role of a pivotal railway nexus catering to the transportation needs of North India. Nested within the administrative framework of the Meerut Division within Uttar Pradesh, Ghaziabad stands in proximity to the national capital, thus earning the epithet “Saya of Uttar Pradesh.”

Characterized by rapid infrastructural development, recent urbanization endeavors have propelled Ghaziabad onto the global stage, garnering recognition as one of the swiftest burgeoning urban centers worldwide. Enveloped by the expansive terrain of the Upper Gangetic Plains, Ghaziabad is demarcated into two principal sectors bisected by the Hindon River – Trans-Hindon situated to the west and Cis-Hindon adorning the eastern quadrant.

Hindi assumes ascendancy as the predominant vernacular, with Urdu and Punjabi being spoken by linguistic minorities. The cosmopolitan milieu engendered by Ghaziabad’s proximity to the Delhi metropolitan conurbation has engendered a linguistic mosaic, hosting speakers of diverse linguistic backgrounds.

A seminal event in Ghaziabad’s historical annals was the establishment of the Scientific Society, heralding the dawn of an educational renaissance catalyzed by the visionary efforts of Syed Ahmad Khan. Concurrently, the inauguration of the Scinde, Punjab & Delhi Railway, facilitating connectivity between Delhi and Lahore via Ghaziabad, heralded a new epoch in the region’s transportation landscape. The completion of the Amritsar-Saharanpur-Ghaziabad rail link under the auspices of the Sind, Punjab and Delhi Railway in 1870 fortified Ghaziabad’s stature as a pivotal railway junction, facilitating connectivity between Delhi and Multan, thereby conjoining the East Indian Railway with the Sind, Punjab and Delhi Railway.

Derived from provisional statistics furnished by the 2011 census, the urban conurbation of Ghaziabad boasted a populace tallying 2,358,525 individuals, comprising 1,256,783 males and 1,101,742 females. Impressively, the literacy rate attained a commendable figure of 93.81%. Ghaziabad is designated as a subcategory B1 district within category B, indicative of socioeconomic parameters trailing behind the national average. Emergent as the second most prominent industrial hub in Uttar Pradesh subsequent only to Kanpur, Ghaziabad epitomizes the industrial prowess emblematic of the state’s economic landscape.

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